Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long walks

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There is something about autumn that makes me want to take long walks. Perhaps it's the cooler air, the angle of the sun, and the colorful leaves. I walked through Central Park yesterday and snapped the above photo from the north side of the reservoir looking south. Amaze-balls. I often forget how pretty the city can be, and remarkably quiet. In the park there were birds chirping, crickets singing, and stillness. It's more peaceful the farther north you are in the park. Fewer tourists wonder up there. As you get closer the the edge of the park you begin to hear traffic, sirens, etc. The calm is gone. Back to the fast paced race of life in the city.

Today I walked along the East River, about 40 blocks. Again, a bit more peaceful, and really no tourists at all. Lots of dogs, moms with kids and babies. People on benches reading and sunning themselves. A few joggers. The current is very fast in the river, and in parts there are actually rapids. I would not want to swim in the river, ever.

I encourage you to get out and go for a long walk. Try somewhere new and explore. Pay attention to everything that is around you. Be present in the moment and enjoy yourself. No music. Listen to what's happening then and there. Perhaps, find a calm spot and stop and meditate or simply reflect on the now. Slow down and be.

Where are your favorite spots to walk? In Minneapolis I enjoyed the lakes and the trails along the river. In Neenah, Kimberly Point and Riverside Park. High Cliff too. Beaver Creek Valley State Park in SE Minnesota has great trails. The possibilities are almost endless!

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