Monday, December 3, 2007

Well, Dec. 2nd was my 36th birthday. It was a good one. Craig and I went to dinner at a Turkish Restaurant, Pasha, that is on the Upper Westside. It was delicious. I had a lamb kabob, and Craig had a leg of lamb. Both were tender. For dessert Craig had baklava and I had a choclate cake-like thing. Oh, and Armangac and Turkish coffee too!

After dinner we went to see "Enchanted". It was great! Fun, and the songs get stuck in your head. It would make a great Broadway musical.

Today is very, very windy. The wind is holwing in our apartment and the building is moving. You can watch the water in the toilet slosh back and forth. Kinda scary. Once and awhile there are louder moaning sounds from the building. I suppose if the winds at ground level are 50+mph, they are a bit faster 400 feet up!

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