Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Journaling Outloud

I have come to realize that Vlogging is basically journaling out loud. I am on day 7 of my vlog, and so far so good. I have started a running list on my phone of potential video ideas. "Would You Rather", where I would, probably with someone else, answer would you rather questions. Video of Puccini, my cat, from kitten to present day. People love cat videos. A spoof Cooking With Sue - HT Use a Wire Cheese Slicer -
Cooking with Robb - HT Use a Vegetable Peeler.  Perhaps Umbrella Hitch Hiker, 
where I would walk the streets of New York with a giant umbrella and ask people without 
umbrellas if they want to hitch a ride under mine. The possibilities are endless! 

Just as a good writer should read, a good vlogger should watch videos. I have subscribed to a bunch more channels, and started watching even more videos. YouTube also has a great channel with tips and tricks that has made vlogging a breeze! imovie is getting easier to use, and editing is taking less time! I will need to eventually get an external hard drive to store all of my videos. 

The challenge now is to gain subscribers and get views! I have been doing some research and there are ways to gain both subscribers and views. Some are legit, and you just need to work at it and have patience. Others are a bit shady, because you can basically buy views and subscribers. I would classify that as douchey! I just need to remain consistent and persistent. All it takes is one viral video, and BAM, you are in it, like the Prancercise lady, who's original video is now at 7,250,928 views. By the way, if you not watched it yet, please do so! She is amazeballs. 

What kinds of videos do you like to watch? Which channels do you subscribe to? Any ideas for videos? Let me know in the comments below. And, don't forget to subscribe to my channel!

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