Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Root Canal Realness

I am on the home stretch with my recent root canal procedure. Yesterday I had a post inserted and the mold made for my crown. I was at my dentist for about an hour as he ground away at my tooth. There is no pain because the tooth has no roots, therefore, no feeling.  He did numb me a bit, because there is still some discomfort.

There worst part really is the mold making.  It feels as though your mouth is filling with the expanding mold material, and that you will eventually suffocate. Right there. I also enjoy the fact that the dentist asked me when I wanted to come in to have the crown put on, and if a Saturday would work.  First of all, my mouth is full of this goo, and second, are you trying to get patients to come in on weekends because it's slow during the summer? I couldn't even grunt. No, I prefer to come in on Tuesdays.

I'll admit I took a Vicodin before my appointment.  As I get older the dentist make me more and more anxious. I think because I know I'm at an age where all of my old fillings need to be replaced, and I might need a root canal.  The other two visits for my root canal were made with a Xanax haze.

My dentist is great, and many of my coworkers go to him as well.  However, their bedside manner could use a bit of improvement.  Some words of encouragement, "You're doing great. Hang in there, We're almost done.  You are the best patient we've had all day." I don't care if you lie to me, or talk to me like I'm an eight heard old.  Just don't sit in silence as you drill into my head, or worse, ask me about my weekend with suction, fingers, a mirror, and a pick in my mouth.

So, in two weeks I get to go back one last time to have the crown put on. My $3500 tooth. How do they get this temporary one off? I don't want to know. I recommend that you always keep your eyes closed during all dentist visits. Try not to look at the tools laid out in front of you as well. Keep your eyes on that inspirational poster that is most likely in front of you, or if your dentist is super cool, on the ceiling!

What are some of your dentist horror stories or tips to relieve anxiety? Do you floss daily and use a mouth rinse?

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