Monday, April 30, 2012

Water is the Only Option

So, I just got back from the dentist for my cleaning. They advised to not drink any carbonated beverages. Here I thought seltzer with a splash of pomegranate was a better choice than soda. Wrong. Carbonation creates carbonic acid, which in turn wears away your enamel. And thus, cavities. Ugh. Water is boring.

I did some research online, and low and behold, there it is. Seltzer is not a good choice. Pellegrino is a better choice, because it has low acidity. It has no added carbonation, and tastes great. So, I am switching over to Pellegrino because I absolutely hate the dentist. The sounds, the scrapping, all grate on my nerves. And no, I do not floss as often as I should. I hate that too. I'm thinking dentures aren't that bad. Pop them out at night, and back in during the day. You're good to go. 

Do you enjoy the dentist? What's your worst dental experience? Are you flossing everyday? How much soda are you drinking, because you should stop!

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