Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yet another thing to waste time...

I was recently made aware of a new site. Pinterest. It is a sort of bulletin board of sorts that allows you to organize pictures from the Web, or your own, onto boards. You create the boards. I have colors, places I want to visit, things I dream about, etc. Be fore warned. This site is addictive and will suck your time. You can follow people, and comment and like photos. You can re-pin pictures to one of your boards. Around and around you go. I love it! Facebook is really for photos you want to share with your friends and family. Twitter is for posting that quick photo of something you just saw. Instagram is for when you are feeling artsy fartsy. Pinterest is the ultimate photobook/scrapbook. There is currently a slight wait to join, but it is worth it.

What things do you do that make you lose track of time? What Web sites do you have to look at daily? You know, there is always an app for that, so you can waste time on the go!

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