Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's put that lid down!

Walking into a bathroom with a toilet lid open drives me bonkers. It's ugly. It's gross. The lid is there for a reason. Close it!

Ladies will tell you men have a problem even putting the seat down, yet alone the lid. My mom taught me well. It's good Feng shui to keep that lid closed, even the bathroom door. Public toilets generally have no lids. And most public bathrooms are fairly gross. Who wants to go number two in a public bathroom. Ever.

Germs got ya running scared? Close the lid when you flush. Read up on why!

I've also noticed on design blogs photos of bathroom makeovers with the lid up. In the after picture. Come on people. Details. Start paying attention to the lid.


Fine and Dandy Vintage Living said...

Oh My God, Robb, THANK YOU! My husband and I BOTH agree and this one 110%. I'm so shocked at the high percentage of people who have this - in my mind - bad habit. And to see it in design blogs or magazines, ??!!!! I've taught my little girls this already and at one family member's home recently, nice and loud and innocent like children are, "Mom! Someone left the toilet lid up! That's not good!"

Robbie said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone.