Monday, November 14, 2011

This time of year drives me bonkers

Have you noticed time seems to be going by faster? There is an energy and buzz in the atmosphere around you and your family & friends. We just celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving is about two weeks away. Every year these holidays occur the same time, and yet, all of a sudden, people are starting to freak out. People, plan accordingly. Do not dis Martha Stewart for creating Christmas decorations and menu planning in September. The lady knows to think ahead. 5 minutes of planning saves 45 minutes of work.

I really do not do much for the holidays, but I have started to think about what to prepare for our vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. Gifts are usually gift cards. Easy. Decorating? You will not find a tree, light or bulb in my home. Perhaps this year I will fill a nice glass bowl with some ornaments. One of these evenings Craig and I will sit down and write out our holiday cards.

New York during the holidays is pure and utter madness. The crowds of tourists. I avoid 30 Rock. It's a tree people. They are all over. Yeah, I get this is a big one, but come on. Navigating 5th Ave. is like a game of Frogger. SoHo has become Mall of America, East Coast version pretty much. Hustle and bustle=stress and frustration. Bah Hum Bug!

Having worked in retail for 22+ years, I have had holiday burnout for about the same amount of time. The fact is we will all be bombarded with the music, the commercials, and decorations for the next 10 weeks, so when I am home I prefer calm. My mantra is what you see on the photo above.

How do you get ready for the holidays? What do you enjoy the most, and what drives you bonkers? Do you start your shopping early, or wait until the last minute?

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