Monday, October 24, 2011


Collecting things can be fun. It can also turn into hoarding. I have found I only collect things that have some sort of important meaning. 

The elephant creamer was my grandma Le Gault's. It always sat by her kitchen sink. I remember playing with it in her tub when I took baths there. I am amazed it has never been broken! The pressed and dried flowers in the frame were my great grandma's. The recipe box the elephant is on was my grandma Volkel's. There are still recipes inside. The framed Arts & Crafts Tile was the inspiration for our kitchen remodel in our house in St. Paul.

The little box with stones from Lake Superior, I mad in art class in high school. The piece of drift wood I found on a walk in Madison.

The Vase in the last photo was my parents and it is Red Wing Pottery. The wood bowl was made by Craig's grandfather. And rocks. I love a nice rock. They are from mainly Lake Superior on many visits from when I was a kid and we would go visit my uncle Greg. Now, when I am on vacation somewhere, I usually take home a rock or two to add to my collection.

What do you collect and how do you display it? Do you keep things in a box in a closet somewhere, or do you display things? 

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