Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Day 2

Well, I slept through the night. I actually had some crazy dreams. Does low pressure do that?!? It seems to make me hungry. Or perhaps it's cabin fever and the fact we have all this food.

Anyhow, the rain is coming down, it's super humid, and the wind gusts every now and then. Not so bad. I hear that water came up from the Hudson River into the Meat Packing District. For those of you elsewhere, the Meat Packing District is an area with expensive, designer shops, clubs, and restaurants.

Also, the East River has come over it's retaining walls! This may be a concern because we are two blocks from the river.

I am over watching the news coverage. Standing outside, in the same place, saying the same thing hourly is not news. It's repeats. Go where the action is!

Well, another day of TV, eating, napping, etc. We shall see if the MTA can get the buses and subways up and running tomorrow. Maybe we'll get hurricane day three of no work.

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