Friday, July 1, 2011

Smell ya later!

On my walk home from the subway today an older gentleman breezed passed me and I got a good whiff of Drakkar Noir. Holy flash backs batman! It's truly amazing how a smell can spark your memory. The first cologne I wore was Polo Ralph Lauren. Over the years I have worn Drakkar Noir, Obsession, Egoiste, Eternity, Prada, Burberry, and Grass from the Gap. Remember Gap Scents? Om, Dream, Day , and Grass. Currently I am wearing an Aveda Purefume that was blended specially for me.

What scent's bring back memories for you? Passed crushes and loves? Good or bad memories? I still can smell Rod Johnson's aftershave. He was my high school drama teacher. Blarf. I love Lauren, and Chanel No.5 is always a classic. My mom wore that. My dad, Old Spice or Brut.

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