Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Escaping the Heat of New York in the Caribbean?

We recently traveled back to the Grand Case Beach Club in St. Martin. It's on the French side, near Grand Case. We have been here before, and love the resort, and more importantly, the great restaurants! While we were vacationing, enjoying tropical breezes, and temperatures in the mid 80's, it was over 100 in NYC! Ugh. Granted, it is very humid in St. Martin, especially this time of year. However, being able to jump in for a swim, and the constant breeze seems to make it not so bad.

This was dessert at Le Tasetvin, one of our favorites for lunch. Lemon, raspberry, and apricot sorbet. Delicious and refreshing.

This was my dinner on our final night at L'Auberge Gourmande. Words can not describe how flavorful this was. And it's vegetarian!

The flowers and plants in St. Martin are amazing. They almost appear to be from another planet.

I look forward to our next trip, maybe next year?!

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