Friday, January 15, 2010

Time Warner FAIL

Well, after another disappointing and frustrating phone call, I decided to cancel Time Warner and get Fios instead. The breaking point with Time Warner was when the represenattive advised the servicability department does not show our building having a unit 8E, and they would need to see a copy of my lease. First of all, I live in a condo. Secondly, I have been living in unit 8E for 5 weeks now, and my mail is getting delivered with no problem. Sensing my frustration, the represenative said if I have a computer I could send over a copy of the lease. Duh! Umm, because of you, Time Warner, I have no internet service. Really?! She ask me to be patient, and I interupted her and reminder her I have been patient for the last 5 weeks, and that at this point I will be cancelling my service. Oh, it gets even better! She then said I have to take my equipment to an office in the Flatiron District, and they will be able to assist me, and because I am in a 2 year price-locked contract there will be a penality for early termination. I let her know there will be NO penality, and the last 5 weeks I have not had service will be refunded. When I drop off my equipment, nice "service" by-the-by, I will be asking to speak to a manger, or someone with power. Enough is enough!

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