Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ring Cycle Conituned

Tuesday evening was Die Walkure. 5 and a half hours, 2 intermissions. The man sitting next to me slept most of the time. That is one expensive nap! Plus, he was a loud breather, and had very bad breath. Ugh! Starting toward the end of the second act, I started getting a headache. It got progressively worse. The third act was pure hell. My head was pounding, and it felt as though someone was pulling the muscles and tendons in my neck as hard as they could. I was to the point where I just wanted the father to push his daughter off the cliff and be done with it! But, alas, no.There was a re-telling of everything that has happened, an argument that went in circles, begging, pleading, re-thinking, and finally, the farther agrees to put the daughter in a deep sleep, and call upon Loge to set the rock she is upon into flames, in so that only the bravest of men will be able to reach her, and awake her with a kiss.

Tonight it starts at 6:00. I am coming prepared with water and Tylenol in hand. Perhaps a mint for the man next to me!

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