Friday, March 27, 2009

Negotiating is not my thing

We just finished up on the negotiating part of finalizing a price for the condo. First of all, it is nothing like purchasing a home in Minnesota! There is no formal, documented, sign here kind of form to make the offer. You simply do your investigating, come up with a number, and call or email the broker. Then he or she presents your offer to the developer, and they counter offer, and you then counter their counter offer, and they say yes to what your counter to the counter was! Hooray! Monday she is sending over the offer and contract to our lawyer. This is where it gets really different. We then have our lawyer review everything, and they sit down with us to ensure we understand it all, and agree to the terms. At that point, I guess, we sign the contract if all is good, and write out a check for the down payment. I am so glad we have good friends, Jeff & Don, that could recommend a lawyer who we can trust and is fair. Thank you! It is all very scary, exciting, and almost surreal to think we may own a piece of Manhattan! (The photo is of Jefferson Park, which is about a block or two away from the condo building.)

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