Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Smell of Oregano and Garlic...

Last night for dinner I went to Punch in Eden Prairie. It is a bit different than the original in St.Paul. There is no table service. You place your order at a counter, find a seat, and then they bring everything to your table. There were many many children and families, so it was loud. Also, I guess it is the fashion to wear your pajamas out in public in Eden Prairie. I understand you are a mom with five kids, but really? Anyhow, I started with the Punch Salad, and then had the Salami el Funghi. Delicious! Tasted the same as St.Paul. When the server came to pick-up my dinnerware after I was finished, he brought one of their wonderful hard candies from Italy. You can't purchase them anywhere. I have asked them, and they said they are imported especially for them. I wonder if, in Little Italy in NYC, I could find them? I have to say that this is probably my favorite pizza. I have yet to find another, even in NYC, that is as wonderful as Punch. For those of you that live anywhere near a Punch, please go and enjoy, for me!

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