Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Food and Friends

I have been in Minneapolis for three weeks now for work. I have been proofing our new website, which will launch December 16th.It has be fun to be back in Minneapolis and see everyone. It is almost as thouhg I never left. I do miss the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

Last night Rebeca took me to a great restaurant, Heidi's. I started with the Curried squash soup with coconut milk, and scallions. Abosolutely fabulous. An explosion of complex, rich flavor. I love when your first taste of something makes you realize, oh, this is what good food is like! For my main dish I enjoyed the Steamed organic Shetland salmon with flageolet beans,braised daikon, Mexi-Cali stock. Again, wonderful. For dessert, Pure chocolate- chocolate sorbet with a sliver of chocolate cake and chocolate sauce. I let our server know the dessert was super, and that they could charge more! She had Heidi come over to our table to chat, which was very nice. She asked where I was eating in NYC, and I let her know I had taken a picture of my dessert to post on my blog! She thouhgt that was great.

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