Monday, June 23, 2008

St. Maarten

We recently went to St.Maartin for a long weekend. Wednesday thru Sunday. We stayed on the Dutch side, which is the southern part of the island. The northern half is French. We stayed at the Little Divi Resort. It was very warm and very humid. The island is amazing. It is very hilly and reminded us of driving in southern Spain. We basically just hung out on the beach, swam in the ocean, which is crystal clear and about 86 degrees, ate, and slept. We did drive around the island and walk around some of the other little towns. Most of the towns are geared towards the cruise ship crowds, so there are a lot of jewelry stores, and the such. Thursday evening we enjoyed the barbecue at the resort, and I finally got my grilled ribs I have been craving. The barbecue sauce was amazing. There was live music too. Friday evening we ate at the resort again, and after dinner there was karaoke. A bit corny, but fun. We did not sing.

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Angela, Dave, & Rowan in Toronto said...

Pictures? Of you looking drunk and sunburned??? Hello!!???