Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An afternoon in Central Park

The first photo is in the restroom of the restaurant 44 1/2. We went there this past Saturday for dinner. The restaurant is on 10th ave. right near our apartment. We have been before, once for a drink before a show, and then another time for Sunday Brunch. We each started with a salad. Craig had a roasted vegetable pizza, and I enjoyed a lobster pizza! Yum! The bathroom is small, but with the crazy infinity mirror arrangement, it goes on forever!

Today I was on a mission to find a new pair of jeans. Monday I had been to Macy's. No luck. So, today I started at Bloomingdales. Nice jeans but $175+, not in the budget. Across the street from Bloomies is a Levis Store. After several trips to the fitting room , I finally found a pair! And only $48. After my shopping adventure, I walked down 59th towards Central Park. Along the way Andy Roddick, the tennis dude, walked by. He is taller than I thought he would be. I stopped in a deli and got some lunch and headed to the park. It was a bit cool, but in the sun it was perfect. I planted myself in the grass in the Sheep's Meadow and enjoyed my California Rolls. Great people watching there. All of the trees are blooming and budding. And there are bulbs popping up all over. I didn't hear much English in the park. Mostly French. There are so many tourists from Europe. Their money goes a long way here I guess!

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