Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The First Visit

Recently, our friend Rebeca, came for a weekend visit. It was a whirl wind tour of the city. I went out to Newark to escort Rebeca into the city. It was nice to take the train out there and get out of the city for a bit. When we got back to the city we dropped her things off at our other friend's, Kirk, place. He lives in SoHo, actually very near the Room&Board! We hung out there for a bit and Craig met us after work. We went to dinner at a great French Bistro in the meat packing district, Florent. Unfortunately, leaving the restaurant, Kirk twisted his ankle, so he and Rebeca went back to his place.

The next day we stopped back at Kirk's and his ankle was doing better, but still swollen, so he stayed home for the day. We started at the World Trade Center site, and then walked down to Battery Park, stopping at Trinity Church on the way. We walked through Battery Park a bit, and then headed over to the Staten Island Ferry. We decided it was going to eat up too much time to ride the ferry, so we headed back uptown. We stopped to see the Flatiron Building. We then headed to the Guggenheim, stopping at Grand Central Station along the way. The Guggenheim is being restored on the outside, so poor Rebeca didn't get to see it in all it's glory. There were only 3 galleries open because they were installing a huge exhibit. So, overall, pretty disappointing. There is always next time!

We then walked down along Central Park, and then through it to get to the Dakota. For those of you who are not familiar, this is the place were John Lennon and Yoko lived. We continued to walk down along Central Park West, past Columbus Circle, and then along the southern side of the park. We passed the Plaza Hotel, and then turned onto 5th ave. We had to stop in Tiffany. Next was Rockerfeller Center. The ice rink is much smaller in person! We then headed to Times Square. Since we live close to Times Square, we decided to stop and get some cheese and wine to enjoy at our place before dinner.

Kirk was feeling better so he joined us at our place, and then we went to a Mexican Restaurant near our place on 9th ave. This place served 60 ounce margaritas for only $80. I think it is suppose to serve 6-8, and comes with large straws. Needless to say, we did not get one, but enjoyed our own. The food was good. After dinner went went out for another drink and then called it a night. We had to have walked 6+ miles in the cold, and wind!

Sunday morning we met up in SoHo, and then went to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. http://www.tenement.org/ After the museum Kirk had a craving for dumplings from this place near by. 5 for $1. We also peeked in the window at Katz's Deli. We walked back to Kirk's to get Rebeca's bag, and then waited with her at Penn Station for her train back to Newark.

On our way back to our place after dropping Rebeca off, we discovered "Burgers and Cupcakes" near our place. We stopped in for a burger and a cupcake! It was pretty darn good. It inspired me to bake my own cupcakes!


Angela, Dave, & Rowan in Toronto said...

Sounds like fun, guys! (But not a schedule I can imagine keeping w/ the little one these days!) Sigh ...

Angela, Dave, & Rowan in Toronto said...
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