Monday, January 21, 2008

Living on 42nd Street.....

This past weekend we went to Mel Brook's "Young Frankenstein" and "The Sea Farer". The "Sea Farer" was amazing. The play itself was well written, and the acting was superb. "Young Frankenstein" was a spectacular, big budget production. The sets and special effects were over the top, and Megan Mulally, aka Karen from Will and Grace, was great! Living where we do, we have no reason not see a play or show regularly. The frustrating thing is the audience members we often have to sit near. At The Sea Farer there was a very large couple behind us. He could barely breathe, and she had to dig in her gigantic purse to find him candy to chomp on through out the entire play. I think I am going to start saying something to these people.

We booked our trip to Florida last night, at half time during the football game. Go Giants!!! We will be staying at the Reach Resort in Key West at the end of February for 5 days, 4 nights. This is the same place, where on the private beach, we saw Michael Kors. It's nice to have something to look forward too. We also are in the planning stages for a trip to Quebec City with our good friends, David and Angela (Rowan too). That trip will be sometime in April. Hopefully we will also be able to take some long weekends to visit Washington DC, Baltimore, Philly, Boston, etc.

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