Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well, not much new going on. We saw "Feast of Love" this past weekend, and it has to be the best movie we have seen this year. Everyone needs to see it. We have determined the restaurant in our building, Terra Vento, is run by a former contestant of Top Chef. Dave Martin. We ate there last night. We have been several times. The food is pretty good. There are some new items on the menu. The lady at the bar next to us tried the steak martini appetizer. It basically is a martini glass filled with mashed potatoes, and then topped with steak cut into small pieces, and some kind of sauce. Looked good. I enjoyed the chicken finger wrap. Messy, but good. For my dessert I had a chocolate martini. Delicious.

I recently purchased tickets to the Encore Series at the City Center. They do musicals with big name Broadway stars. We will be seeing 3. Applause, Juno, and No, No Nanette, which stars Rosie O'Donnel. Each only runs 4 nights, and the sets and costumes are paired down. The orchestra is also on the stage. Should be fun. It's nice to have things to look forward to. I also got tickets to Young Frankenstein today. Our tickets are for January 17th. Our first opera is in two weeks!

Today I ran to pick up my contacts, and then will be hanging out with Ryan from work. He is planning on showing me the best spots in Central Park, and we are going to ride the tram to Roosevelt Island!

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