Friday, October 12, 2007

Mr.Clean, you are the best!

The weather has made a change. Today you actually needed a light jacket or sweater. Fall is here! The leaves have yet to turn, which is odd because in Minneapolis I am sure they are at or past peak color.

Last night we met up with our friend Kirk. We went to his place, which is on Sullivan, right around the corner from the Room&Board! He has a great apartment, with a deck! We had a few glasses of wine and then went to Arturo's for coal oven pizza. It was pretty good, however, there was a live jazz band and it was very, very loud!

Today I had off, as my Labor Day, and got a massage at the Menswellness Day Spa. I have been there once before on the recomendation of Don. It is very nice, and often during the week they have specials. My massage was 15% off. Just one of the benefits to retail hours!

Tonight we are having some friends over for drinks, and then going to Breeze for dinner. Visitors are a great reason to clean. By the way I love the Magic Erasers! They truly work.