Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tori enjoys the view!

On Labor Day we went to the U.S. Open evening match. We saw Federer and Lopez play. Tennis in person is awesome. Granted our seats were at the highest point, it still was amazing. The stadium is in Flushing Meadows and we took the 7 train. It was about a half hour ride. On the way home the train was jammed packed. I am definately up for going again.

We have been trying different places to eat. A few good Italian places. Don Giovanni has been our pizza place of choice. We have also cooked at home a few times over the past few weeks. Sweet and sour chicken with Jasmine rice, and puff pastry with fried onions and goat cheese. We forgot to butter the puff pastry, so it really didn't puff. Next time.

Today it is finally raining and storming. We have gone 17 days without rain. I am ready for fall. Plus, I can wear nicer outfits when it's not so hot. I kind of enjoy dressing up for work. I even wore a tie one day!

We haven't seen any shows lately. We did see "Super Bad", and I loved it. People here like to yell at the screen and clap at the end. We are thinking about getting tickets to "Young Frankenstein". Mel Brooks is producing the show, and they are predicting it to be as big as "The Producers".

Well, I am off to get a collapsible laundry basket, and something to make for dinner tonight!

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