Monday, September 17, 2007

This is a photo of my dinner on Saturday night. We went to "Breeze". It's near our apartment on 9th ave. and 46th. It is a Thai-French place. The food is wonderful, and not expensive. The service is great, and the decor is fun. Orange walls with white Air Chairs. And fun lighting fixtures. The music is always at the right level. Not too loud, and not too soft. I had grilled tiger shrimp with a sweet and hot sauce, and jasmine rice. For appetizers we had golden bags, which seemed to be deep fried dumpling with chicken and assorted other items inside, served with a sweet sauce. We also had mushroom dumplings with foam that had essence of truffle. They placed the mushroom cap upside down. Attached a deepfried dupling wrapper to the mushroom, and then put the foam inside that. There was also some dark, reduced sauce artfully drizzled on the plate. Both were exceptional, and only $6 bucks a piece. In some fancy place they could have been twice that! For dessert I had molten chocolate cake with vanilla icecream and a mango suace.

Our friend Kirk stopped into Room&Board this past weekend to say Hi. It was good to see a familiar face. We discussed how time flies by here and that you really need to schedule getting together becasue everyone is so busy. He actually lives right around the corner from the store, so Craig can meet me after work and then we can head over to Kirk's and enjoy a drink on his private roof top deck!

Today I think I may adventure over to Brooklyn to check out the Century 21. Jason at work says it's much nicer than the one in Manhattan, and you can generally find great things. Bascially, Century 21 is like a large, department store-like TJ Max, but with high-end designers. Dolce and Gabban, Gucci, etc. I am on a mission to find nice, black dress shoes to wear to the opera!

Yes, Craig got season tickets to the Metropolitan Opera. We will be seeing 8 operas October thru May. The first one is Lucia di Lammermoor. Others include; War and Piece (I hope it isn't as long as the book!), Macbeth, Manon Lescaut, my favorite, La Boheme, Ernani, Un Ballo in Maschera, and La Clemenza di Tito. Our seats are on the Grand Tier, Stage Left, Center Box. The last opera we saw in Minnesota we sat on the side and enjoyed the fact there are not a lot of people around. It will be very exciting!

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Angela, Dave, & Rowan in Toronto said...

The restaurant sounds like an AMAZING deal! What beautiful presentations! And how could you NOT order golden bags? Congrats on the opera -- that should be an amazing experience!