Monday, September 24, 2007

I got my first cold of the season. Everyone at the store said colds spread fast. This past week we went to VYNL. It's a great restaurant near our place on 9th. The menus are in LP covers, and there are cute diaramas (what's a diarama? Oh Ralphie!) with dolls of assorted groups. We sat under Donny and Marie. Elvis was across the way, and the Beatles were above the table next to us. The food is Thai/American. Thai is big right now. I had the drink special, Britney's Comeback. It was made with a pear liquer. It was pretty good.

We also met up with Don and Jeff and some of their friends for dinner on Saturday night and then drinks after. Craig made chicken fajaitas last night for dinner. The weather remains warm and humid. We now have cable, and with High Definition some of the shows are scary clear. We dumped Direct TV because they were a no-show for installation. We now have Time Warner, and they were on time, and very friendly in getting it all set-up. We also have high-speed internet! Lightning fast. Go Road runner Go!

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