Friday, August 10, 2007

Settling In

Well, we are starting to get settled in. Unpacking continues, and we are realizing we have too many of just about everything. The apartment is coming together and I will eventually have before and after photos. It starting to feel like home! The cats have adjusted well, and now they can get up into the window and check out the view. The photos are of our views! Not too bad? I gues we moved on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky!

Last night I went to a Chinese place near our apartment and had a shrimp egg roll, lemon chicken, and a very good Chinese beer. This is not Lee Ann Chin! Craig went out for tapas with Jeff after work. We have yet to make anything at home due to the fact the kitchen is still not fully put together. I am realizing that, due to space, anything we make we will need to go to the store that day, get the ingredients, and then cook. We basically have one cabinet for food and spices. The rest are full of glassware, dinnerware, pots, pans, etc. We are needing to get a few more furniture pieces that offer storage solutions. We have a TV, but nothing to put it on yet, so I have been contnuing my TV withdrawl. We did watch "Igby Goes Down" on the Lap Top. I also saw "Transformers" the other night when Craig had a dinner with his co-workers. It was awesome.

I start work next week Wednesday. My schedule is basically going to be Wednesday thru Sunday, with Monday and Tuesdays as my "weekend". I will get one weekend off a month. It will be great to get back in a routine. The store is beautiful and there is a great tem there.

Today is going to be more laid back I think. It is rainy and foggy, a nice change from hot and humid. For any of you that have been here in August, you can understand! The platforms are way hot, and sometimes smelly. The subways, for the most part, are air conditioned. All though I did end up on a car that wasn't, and it was packed. I have learned to use a bit more deodorant, and a spritz or two of cologne. I have been swimming almost daily in the apartment pool. What I think is funny is all of these people who walk and/or run on the treadmills. I would assume these people are walking as much as me! It'4 for long blocks to the nearest subway stop! My legs are adjusting, and I have been getting cramps. I guess I need to eat a few more bananas.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Nice view! Now we can all live vicariously through your blog. I especially appreciate the food reports.