Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh, Mr. Flay!

Friday afternoon Craig worked a half day. I was shopping near his office and phoned him to see if he wanted to do lunch. We choose The Mesa Grill. It is one of Bobby Flay's (Iron Chef guest often) restaurants. We had dinner there once, long ago. I ordered the soft shell crab sandwich. I basically got a crab on a bun! I wasn't sure how to eat it. Craig suggested I simply put the top of the bun on, cut it in half, and have at it. That's what I did, and it was delicious. We, of course, had to have dessert. I had a mint, chocolate chip, chocolate cake. Craig had a peanut butter, chocolate mousse thing. Mine ranked up there with one ot the best desserts I have ever had. Lunch is a good time to go there because the prices are a bit lower than dinner. It is still spendy, but worth it.

Friday evening we saw Avenue Q. It was great, and I have never seen puppets say and do so many adult things. Unfortunately, the man next to me had the worst breath ever. And the guy behind us was a loud talker, who fell asleep during the second act.

Saturday night we went to Jeff and Don's and they made a feast of Mexican food. We ate and then played Monoply for almost 5 hours! I thought the game would never end. Jeff won. I was the first out. Their dog, Jake, is so cute and mild-mannered. He greets us at the end of the hall when we get off the elevator with a toy in his mouth. He's a good dog. I did make our first breakfast Saturday morning in our kitchen. Scrambled eggs and toast!

Sunday we ran to Room&Board to place our final furniture order. We then had lunch at home and went for a very long walk along the Hudson River. Basically I think we were in Riverside Park most of the time. There are nice walking paths and lots of trees and plants. And good people watching. There is a pier with a cafe near by and sometime I think it would be nice to sit there with a drink and watch the sunset, over New Jersey, but none the less, it would be nice.

Today I am going to get a massage(45 minutes), manicure, and pedicure at this new men's spa Don told us about Saturday night. All three services for $118. That is a deal!

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