Monday, August 27, 2007

Not all things in New York are expensive!

Craig and I picked up this bunch, I think a dozen, of white roses on our walk home after dinner one evening. The cost, $6.00. It seems you can get fresh flowers for a good value on many a street corner. This past week was not very eventful. We are in the swing of things with work. Jeff and Don stopped by on Friday evening for drinks and a few things to munch on. Craig made caprese roll ups. Yummy. We also had assosrted hummus with pita, olives, bread, and monchengo and brie. Last night he made chicken in the grill pan with garlic, and his famous green beans, from the Union Square Farmer's Market, with spicy peanut sauce. My weakness is all of the great bake goods that can be found. Cupcakes, cookies, pies....Near our place is a Little Pie Company, and they do make little pies. We had a chocolate cream pie so far. The trouble is I walk by it everyday on my way from the subway to the apartment, and they vent the pie goodness into the air on the street. New York does smell good in spots.

Tomorrow our final furniture delivery will happen. We were supposed to have one last week, but our service elevator was not working. Then I can finally take some photos. Today I am going to perhaps try to find the DMV to get my New York Driver's License. I have heard it is not a fun process here and can take up to 2+ hours. I also need to find a place to get a haircut. Other than that, I plan on relaxing on the sundeck too! Fall is just around the corner.

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Angela & Dave in Toronto said...

Hi guys! Isn't it a lovely idea to have fresh flowers? We have a bakery across the street -- a European one. It drives Dave crazy because the "French" bread tastes more like a big pretzel & the "foccaccia" tastes more like French bread ... but you can get your 'French' croissants, your 'Portuguese' tarts, the 'Sicilian' cannoli, the 'Greek' baklava ... none authentic, but all yummy! Good luck on the haircut! I just tried the closest place on the corner yesterday (usually a bad idea, but not so bad this time!)