Monday, August 20, 2007

I made it through the first full week of work! My legs are sore, but I look at it as a fitness plan. Running up and down 4 flights of stairs makes for a great work out. We have made dinner at home a few times. Nothing too fancy. Mac and Cheese one night, and big salads the other. There are just so many great places to eat out!

One of our final two furniture deliveries happens tomorrow, so once we get everything in, unpacked, and set-up I will take some photos! Craig is much better at organizing the cabinets and closets. I tend to just stuff, and he takes the time to think about the best use of the space. We did break down and put storage under the bed.

Today I need to get a few errands done, but I think I am going to also check out the Barney's Warehouse Sale. There is a Prada Sample sale going on , however, you need to make an appointment to attend, and all of the spots are full. Next time. 60-80% off! (I did make a small purchase from Prada. I was on the hunt for a smaller bag for booking around town, and after days of looking, Prada had the perfect bag.)

Tonight I think I will make some sort of stir-fry dish. We will see what inspires me at the store.

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