Friday, August 3, 2007

Hello, and I apologize it has been awhile. We officially do not have internet access and I am currently using someone else's wireless! We received our first furniture delivery, so we now have a sofa to sit on! The movers bring everything on Monday. It will be nice to have dinnerware, clothes, and basically our stuff.

We have had Indian food, Spanish, French, and last night Turkish! David and Angela, you would be proud of us. We for sure need to take you to the Indian restaurant. I have never seen so many chilli pepper lights in one place! The food was delicious and the price could not be beat. Dinner and drinks for about $25. I am ready to cook though. Eating out twice a day gets a bit much after awhile.

I was shocked to read on the front page of the New York Times about the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. The scary thing is Craig and I eached drove under that bridge on our way home from work. I always thought it looked a bit shaky. My thoughts are with the friends and familys of the people who lost their lives or were hurt.

Zach is working at Room&Board with me this weekend. It will be fun to meet up with him and go out. I am looking forward to working this weekend, and get back in the groove of things. We bought a new TV today. It's only 32" compared to our 42" plasma we sold with the house. The smaller TV makes sense in the new space. It's been over a week without TV. I am starting to have withdrawls. I don't know what's happening on Top Chef, or You Think You Can Dance. I do miss David Letterman. It will be a challenge to stay up until 11:30. That's when The Late Show starts here.

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Angela & Dave in Toronto said...

We've been without internet, too! We moved on Friday ... we are now around the corner from two Greek pastry shops -- one sells cheese pies, spinach pies, meat pies, & custard pies! The other one sells some mean rum balls ... and chocolate covered baklava! We gave up cable with this move, so now we only get (barely) two channels ... so we'll just be envious of you guys! Angela & Dave