Monday, July 23, 2007

Today is bitter sweet. I am sad to be leaving the great group of people I work with at Shop From Home, but excited to join the SoHo Team. Shop From Home has taught me well, so I am set for success in New York.

Still no final word from One River Place. We are down to the wire. I did reserve a rental car for our drive out on Thurday. We are getting a Subaru Outback. Plenty of room for a few bags and a box or two, and the cats too!

Berger, the moving company, is coming Wednesday morning to pick up everything, and then they will drop it off sometime next week. Assuming we have a place for it to be dropped off. I have several people coming to look at my car, and the sectional was sold. We are 95% packed.

Sad clowns are creepy, but fun at the same time. They can make you laugh and cry, with fear!

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