Friday, July 20, 2007

I just spoke with Alexander, the leasing manager at One River Place, to confirm our final approval. He said that the person who tkaes care of these things is gone for the day! Ugh! Alexander is a great guy and said he doesn't see any problems , and to plan as if everything is good-to-go. Easier said then done. So I am to plan and organize a move to an address I am not even 100% sure I will be living at. Dude, we close on our house on the 27th and need to be out.
Well, we are off to southern Minnesota this weekend to spend time with Craig's family. This evening we are going to see 1776 at the Guthrie, but before that someone is picking up Craig's bedroom set. I also need to call NSP, Con Ed, Direct Tv.......I think I will give the "Stress Reduction Kit" a try.

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